About us

At Al-ilm Montessori Model Academy, we believe in the power of creative learning! We provide a natural and eco-friendly environment where children can grow and develop their potential through our Montessori based approach. Join us on this journey of exploration, discovery, and growth!

We all need support through the most important period of our children: the early years


Holistic Approach

Educating a child so that they will become a well-rounded and confident child who contributes productively to their community.

Supervision to keep children Engage

Teachers are well trained to engage students focused and eager during the class activities.

Passionate Teachers

Passionate teachers are keen to spread positivity and genuinely enjoy teaching and engaging with students.


The vision of AIM Academy is to create an environment that will support and nurture the child's natural curiosity ,independence, and love for learning.
Meet the teachers

Experts in Giving Your Children The Best Start

Zahir Shahzad


Mariya Jamil


Masooma Jamil

Admin Head

More than just a joyful place